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Wholesale and Clinical Supplies Platform

eMed is an online business to business platform aimed at medical specialists, clinics and hospitals. It is a personalised supplier service, where clients can be sure that requested medical supplies will be delivered on time and any questions answered promptly. eMed allows private health professionals to find products, requests quotes and purchase the supplies with flexibility. The platform assists healthcare professionals prescribe and dispense private prescriptions with flexible delivery options.

Opening an account with eMed allows healthcare professionals to apply for a credit line enabling professionals to order supplies instantly and pay up to 30 days later with no extra cost. Terms and Conditions apply.

eMed functions:

  • Quick Ordering
  • Invoicing and Credit Line
  • Prescription Dispensing
  • Buying Group Power

Online Pharmacy, Doctor and Travel Clinic

eMed is an Online Pharmacy and Online Doctor service specialising in Men's, Women's, and Travel Health. eMed offers online consultations for prescription medicine, as well as selling all associated pharmacy medicines and goods at discounted prices.

We and our pharmacy partners aim to revolutionise pharmacy services in the UK and to be the most customer-focussed, user-friendly Online Pharmacy & Online Doctor available. Efficiency, customer loyalty programmes, safe and discrete services are only a few reasons why our customers choose us.

  • Online Chemist
  • Private and NHS Prescriptions Online
  • Online Pharmacist
  • Travel Clinic
  • Online Doctor within the Pharmacy
  • Other services (Medication Reminders)

Health Store, Nutritionist and Dietician Advice

Popularity and interest in natural food supplements and online shopping have increased considerably over the last few years. eMed Vitality emerged as an online boutique of hand-picked, high quality products at great prices. Being an online shop eMed Vitality is easy to use and absolutely customer oriented.

eMed Vitality is going that extra mile to make it easy for customers to find the dietary supplement to support their lifestyle. We also understand that customers may require professional advice to be confident that the products they buy are the products that they will benefit from. Our nutritionists and dieticians are available online for those interested in addressing questions or specific nutritional needs.

Through eMed Vitality our customers have exclusive access to brands of natural supplements distributed in Europe but not yet available in the UK.

  • Health Foods and Nutritional Supplements
  • Exclusive Health Products
  • Online Nutritionist and Dietician Advice

Medical Information and Broadcasting Portal

Online channel broadcasting health and lifestyle programmes which are both educational and entertaining. Topics covered: Occupational Health, Mental Health, Addictions, Medical Tourism, Travel Health, Sexual Health and Healthcare trends.

It is a free online channel for the public, aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. It educates individuals about health issues and gives an opportunity for its speakers to engage with patients.

  • eMed TV Online Broadcasting (over 60 proprietary videos and interviews)
  • NHS Syndicated Content (over 900 videos and 2,000 articles)
  • Publishing Tool for Channel Viewers
  • eMed TV provides unique content for the majority of our divisions

Online Doctor and Health Diagnostics

Getting timely service with a General Practitioner (GP) or a local NHS practice can be difficult.

eMed Doc is an accessible and affordable health service which gives the customer choice at all times, from pricing bands, duration, mode of the consultation or required health specialist. We empower our Customers to make informed decisions. This enables the platform to attract many experienced doctors from across the UK.

eMed Doc – Range of Services

  • Online Doctor Video Consultations
  • Doctor Consultations via Chat
  • Asynchronous Consultations
  • Prescription with optional delivery
  • Corporate Online Doctor

Wide Range of Specialists:
General medicine, children doctor, cardiac, nerves, gut, eyes, ent, chest, skin, food and diet, gynaecology, urology, mental health, sexual health, travel health, occupational health and more.

Doctors Need To Be Where Their Patients Are: Online.


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Efficient, Affordable Lead and Business Accelerator

Clinical Appointments

Face2Face Medics is an online booking platform designed to assist users in easily arranging medical and health related appointments both with specialists or clinics in a location convenient to them without the need to leave home or make a phone call.

Face2Face is designed to be an efficient service. It helps the user by eliminating wastage of time on lengthy calls and searching for specialists within the field required. Visit face2facemedics.com or download the App, browse through a range of health specialists and clinics listed, filter by specialist needed, location convenient to you, read the profile and reviews and book a face to face appointment.


Healthcare Specialists available on the platform

  • Private Clinics and Practices
  • Private Hospitals
  • Imaging centres
  • Private Surgeons and Surgeries
  • Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeons and Clinics
  • Alternative Medicine Specialists and centres
  • Specialised Private Medical and Healthcare Units
  • Any other Private Healthcare Specialists and Organisations
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Face2Face Pro is a part of Face2face Medics platforms which was designed to enable easy updates of appointment availability schedule. The system can be customised to correspond with third parties websites and platforms, allowing health specialists manage their appointments in one place, but updating the schedule across the board.

Domiciliary Care Technology Solution

eMed Patient Care is a master App built into a digital tablet featuring all of the eMed healthcare solutions as well as other supplementary services. It provides a turnkey solution for a variety of needs both in a public healthcare environment and at home.

Key Services
Healthcare and Medical: Chemist, Online Doctor, Medication, Care & Nursing, Medical Appointments Booking.

YWC Tablet is a sophisticated platform that manages provider availability, member eligibility and regulatory compliance records, yet it is one of the most user-friendly apps to use.

Use the YWC Tablet to request specialists for different levels of care via on demand video visits, without the cost of full-time assistance or travel.

Complementary Services
Essentials: Taxi, Take Away, Grocery, etc.

The Complementary services can be updated remotely, as new external providers are being added.

Coming soon


eMed Health is a mobile application currently in development with the aim of localising all of our services onto a one-stop application.

The app will combine eMed, eMed Doc, Face2Face Medics, eMed Vitality and eMed TV. eMed Health reduces the time spent looking for services needed by the user.

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Wearables, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Mobile Devices


  • Inventory Managed by Robots
  • Secure Storage & Inventory Control of Medicines
  • Accurate Dispensing to Patients
  • Cloud Command Centre
  • Medication Management System
  • Medication delivered by robots
  • Patient Monitoring