eMed Pharma Group Limited specialises in solutions for Health Care sector in the UK, bringing together professionals in the medical and health care field.

Through Group Companies, eMED Pharma endeavours to provide Patient health care in totality, from medical consultancy, clinical care, health screening and diagnostics  to delivery of medicines at the patient’s doorstep. It will also in the third quarter of 2017 be  engaged in domiciliary care for the disabled and elderly at home.

Founders and stakeholders – It is a collaborative venture between the founders, (The Family Matrix Ltd and Bergstrom CMG Ltd) and several other stakeholders to include regulated medical entities, medical professionals and technology partners together with key management.

Stakeholder partners also include technology solution providers such as SC High-Tech Systems and Software SRL (Romania), a leading provider of software and online applications and solutions to A&D Pharma group with over 650 pharmacy outlets in Romania and Poland.  Other technology partners include Stutzen (India).

The Group owns the brand YEHS and all the derivatives of it of Dr Charlie Easmon ltd trading as  Your Excellent Health Service (YEHS) Clinic at 1 Harley Street, London.  Dr. Charlie  is also a shareholder in e MED.

The Business


Core Business – Currently the group has a 49% holding in Dr Charlie Easmon ltd trading as Your Excellent Health Service, 1 Harley Street, Lond W16 9QD a CQC regulated London Clinic and all its services will be launched under the YEHS brand. Please see brands section.

Innovation  – eMed Pharma group of companies combine a traditional healthcare approach, which is enhanced by new age technology . At the forefront of its evolvement it embraces technology to service and deliver a range of  health care services and solutions from web, mobile applications and robotic dispensing and vending.

Bricks & Technology –  The combined existing bricks and mortar businesses will  promote a range of  technology driven eMed and digital health B2C and B2B business in the Health Care and Pharmacy sector through the use of mobile technology ranging from tablets to smart phones.  The company also plans on embarking upon a robotic prescription dispensing systems in prominent locations in the second half of 2016.

The technology driven business brings efficiency and speed in how health care services and the member pharmacy dispensing can be conducted with B2C and B2B. In the B2C model the technology will accelerate the service and advice provided to patients and the management and delivery of NHS Prescriptions, Private Prescriptions and host of other services including online advisory services from medical professionals and the ability to shop online for OTC and non-prescriptive items through member pharmacies.  In the B2B model it renders a wholesale and export model through an interactive trade portal.

New business units – eMed Pharma will embark upon a licensed Domiciliary Care business a wholly owned subsidiary as one of its business units. The company has also formed several collaborations, joint ventures and alliances with other medical and health care professionals and businesses to provide a Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) specializing in Ayurveda products and treatments under the brand ‘Ayupathic’.

Regulatory environment – The various health care units where necessary conform to the regulatory framework of the GMC, CQC, MHRA and GPhC which respectively govern Medical professionals, Clinics and Pharmacies in the UK.

Although, generally the Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) is not regulated by any medical body or organisation in the UK, eMed will register its services as a matter of good practice with the relevant CAM professional associations.

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