Minimum Criteria for Recruiting a Health Care Professional

Before making an offer of employment we conduct a thorough verification process:

  • Positive Proof of identity including recent photograph
  • Two written references, linked to the requirements of the job, one of which is from the applicant’s present or most recent employer;
  • Any gaps in an employment record are explored and explanations needed;
  • NI checks are carried out (where applicants come from countries outside the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland, pre-employment checks are carried out with the national agency in the country of origin);
  • Professional and vocational qualifications;
  • Registration status with relevant regulatory bodies;
  • A pre-employment health assessment is required;
  • Current status of work permit/employment visa;
  • Details of any criminal convictions or offences; and
  • Details of any professional indemnity issues.

Records of Processes Data are kept of all the documentation relating to the recruitment process and kept in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Staff are recruited and employed in accordance with relevant employment legislation and best practice guidance.