January 2017
  • Primus Care Group has signed Heads of Terms to roll out eMed Konncierge Healthcare tablets across its Domiciliary & Care home business. Primus manage 22,000 patient hours a week and have approx. 1,550 patients (550 carers). Konncierge Patient tablets will be used by both patients as well as the Carers.
    • Patient tablets will be used in-the-home by  patients for monitoring purposes and also as a means of communication with family and medical practitioner.
    • The Carer Tablet will allow for Medication management reporting and also an interface between the Carer, family members and the Medical practitioner.

Primus is acquiring new care homes every quarter and have agreed to implement the technology across all acquisition. There are more than 30 additional care home discussions ongoing that represent more than 5,000 beds.

December 2016
  • Emed is invited to join a Dom Care consortium in Lancashire to provide the technology and IT service and support.  This service is likely to be implemented in the 2nd quarter of 2017.
  • RB Management manages 1,000 care home beds in the UK and advises thousands more. Heads of Terms are being agreed to use YEHS Med, YEHS Med Trade and YEHS Vitality platforms in the care homes to improve operational efficiency.
  • Heads of Terms have been agreed with Pyramid Pharmacy chain across the London area for NHS prescription dispensing and delivery same day. Pyramid has 35 + pharmacies in the London area.
  • e Med have reached an agreement  with Pyramid Pharmacy and the Chana Pharmacies (33 pharmacies in Greater London and Birmingham) for the roll out of YEHS Doc digital interfaces in every pharmacy where a private consultancy room  exists. Customers will pay for the consultation, acquire their prescriptions or nutritional supplements through YEHS Med, and the medicine will be dispensed immediately inside the pharmacy.
  • e Med has reached an agreement with Evital for exclusive distribution of their vitamin supplements in the UK.  Details of the distribution agreement are yet to be finalised contractually.

September 2016

Head of Terms have been signed with Zen Pharmacy to cater to Private prescription as well as B2b business generated by e Med Healthcare online platforms

August 2016
  • e Med purchased 100% of Ovio Wellness ltd which includes the Ovio and PWR+ brands.
    • 1. http://www.oviowellness.com   –
    • 2.  http://pwrplus.co.uk/

Ovio which is a Olive leaf extract drink is sold in over 1200 retail outlets to include retail brands like H&B, Revital and Whole Foods