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Face2Face Medics is an online booking platform designed to assist users in easily arranging medical and health related appointments both with specialists or clinics in a location convenient to them without the need to leave home or make a phone call.

The platform features include powerful and detailed search engine, GEO- location, tools to build customised profiles for specialists and clinics, tool for creating a quality database for medical conditions, treatment and procedures. Users will have access to history of their appointments (today’s, upcoming, completed and cancelled), will receive real-time notifications, will be able to rate their appointments and specialists.

Face2face Pro – appointment management system

Face2face Pro is a part of Face2face Medics platform which was designed to enable easy updates of appointment availability schedule. The system can be customised to correspond with third parties websites and platform, allowing health specialists manage their appointments in one place, but updating the schedule across the board.

Platforms owned by Face2face Bookings Limited and exclusively licensed to eMed.

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