^6C3A7AB54734BA68064D81A1661F0521D2C82B6E29B594C7A4^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrDomiciliary Care is a service provided by CQC approved provider YEHS We Care Limited. Certificate Number CRT 1-2309626191.

This is a wholly owned subsidiary of e Med Pharma Group ltd

This service allows people to remain in their home during later life or if a health condition requires so, whilst still receive assistance with their personal care needs.

Care may be provided in the following areas:

  • Practical help, and domestic tasks;
  • Specialist care;
  • Personal care

a. Personal Care

The personal care services will be provided by carefully selected and trained carers, who will ensure that the Customer’s privacy is not invaded and dignity, culture and believes are respected. YEHS We Care are happy to:

Assist with Washing and Dressing Assist with Occasional or Daily living Care
Assist with evening Tuck in Call Care During a Journey
Assist with Grooming needs Assist and Arrange Training Courses
Assist with Cooking and Eating Assist with Computers and Technologies
Assist with Menu Planning Assist with Rehabilitation process
Assist with Toileting needs Assist with Outings and Friends’ Visits
Help with Incontinence Care Provide Companionship

b. Home Help Services

All-round care in familiar surroundings: home help can remove the burden from a relative without the need for permanent residential care.

House and Garden Maintenance Assisting with the Work in and outside the house
Assisting with Shopping Driving and Collection Service
Financial Management and Budgeting Handyman Services
Assist with Letter writing/ Phone calls/ Filling out forms Assisting with Decorating and Rearranging the house

c. Supported Living Activities

This type of service is to encourage Customers to socialise and provide a change to the everyday routine.

Visits to Cinema and Theatre Assistance with entertainment research, e.g. music, films
Visits to Library Walks in Park or Forest
Visits to Museum Visits to any other places of interest

eMed plans to deliver training, monitoring and reporting connected to domiciliary care services using eMed’s technology. dc