Health screening and diagnostics are the key part of patient care service.  Between eMed’s business units and partners this service can be provided to individual patients as well as employees.

The service is available through our partner London clinic either online.  YEHS Clinic, 1 Harley Street, London W1G 9QD.

Home testing and diagnostic kits, including AIDs testing kits give patient confidentiality and peace of mind when it comes to serious health conditions.

Health screening services include :-

  1. Blood tests
  2. Xrays
  3. MRI scans
  4. Sonar scans

There are health screening tailor made for gender – both male and female as the health factors are different in both cases.

All health screening is followed up by a free consultation for health assessment

  • Individual medical risk scores calculated
  • Complete medical report and follow up advice issued
  • Referrals to top specialists where needed