The advantages of using Online Pharmacy instead of visiting a local chemist are:

  • Access to a pharmacy from the comfort of home
  • Efficient use of time
  • Discreet and private service
  • Easy access to product information
  • Competitive prices
  • Easy ordering of NHS, Private & Repeat Prescriptions
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy management of Repeat Prescriptions and  frequently ordered items

eMed’s Online Pharmacy Platform consists of four automated modules:

  • Prescriptions
  • Pharmacy Shop
  • Travel Clinic
  • Consultation Room

Pharmaceutical dispensing services

With the rise of distance selling (online) community pharmacies and patients’ increasing pressure on the work and social lives, eMed has developed Online Pharmacy Platform to suit patients’ needs and improve prescriptions dispensing efficiency.

Prescription service is the fundamental pillar of a pharmacy. Any brick and mortar pharmacy will offer dispensing and management service for private prescriptions and  only community pharmacy (NHS contractors) will be able to dispense free NHS Prescriptions, but why waist time on waiting around in the chemist for medication, if it can be delivered directly to chosen location?

eMed’s Online Pharmacy’s prescription unit includes 4 key automated sections: NHS prescriptions, NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), Private Prescriptions and Repeat Prescriptions. The prescription section was build to automate prescriptions ordering, dispensing and management, empowering patients and carers by giving them more control over their health and making them less dependent on physical visits to a local chemist. Whether patient has an electronic, paper or private prescription, the Platform can cater to patient needs. Furthermore, if prescription is required but patient does not have it they can simply visit Platform’s Consultation Room to get the prescription medication suitable for their health complain by consulting with available prescribers (doctor or pharmacist prescriber).

When a patient orders NHS prescriptions from the Platform a “nominated” community pharmacy (based on patient’s choice) collects, dispenses and delivers relevant medicines to the Patient at a chosen address.

Nomination of a pharmacy is directly linked to the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. To use this service a Patient has to nominate a pharmacy on the platform as a preferred dispensing pharmacy. This process is quick and easy. Once the nomination form is sent to the chosen pharmacy, it will monitor when the patient’s prescriptions are due, order required items, dispense and deliver them to the Patient’s doorstep.

Having Nomination Form, the pharmacy can collect prescriptions from any GP is in the country and deliver medicines to the Patient to any place in the country. This service is often very helpful for Patients who travel a lot or Patients who have difficulties to walk, as medication can be arranged and sent to him/her by the nominated pharmacy avoiding unnecessary hassle.

Online Pharmacy Shop

Like a local chemist, Online Pharmacy Platform is build to offer a wide range of pharmacy and beauty products, vitamins & supplements. The difference however, is that online platform incorporates a powerful search engine across wide range of dedicated categories, so any user can easily find, compare, add to wish list or buy required products. Pharmacy Medicine and Prescription Only Medicine, also known as P and POM respectively has special compliance requirements, which are met through tailored checkout process. This means that automated process enables pharmacists and doctors to gather needed information to ensure that requested medicine is safe and suitable for patient without physically seeing the patient.

Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic is a custom-build and automated module of the platform to provide travel health advise, information services and medicine for travel all around the world. The module features automated online services like online travel consultations, travel vaccinations assessment and booking, travel health information, including interactive map, special travel medication (P, POM and GSL) and travel health accessories.

Specially created online questionnaires enable professionals from Travel Clinic remotely assess patient’s suitability for a particular type of vaccine, required treatment’s course and other health treatments needed during or after his/her travel. More info 


Consultation Room

Online doctor*: online consultations on a variety of health issues. The service is open to individuals or corporate clients as an employment benefit scheme.

Online Doctor within an Online Pharmacy service gives Patients an opportunity to get their private prescription and order relevant treatments in one place. Consultation room offers 3 options to receive a prescription subject to doctor’s conclusion based on the information provided by the patient. These three modes are: web (online assessment questionnaire), chat/email, phone and video consultation.

For web consultations, patient simply selects the required treatment and answers a short assessment questionnaire that is relevant to that treatment and doctor then assess suitability and need for that treatment. Payment for the treatment includes the price of the prescription.

A UK qualified, GMC registered doctor will then issue any prescriptions that ensue and the regulated Online Pharmacy will dispense and dispatch the medicines to the patient discreetly and at his/her convenience.

Other services which can be provided through the Platform include but not limited to:

  • ‏Lifestyle: medications such as those used for sexual enhancement, hair growth, contraception, weight loss, herpes, and smoking cessation. These may be prescriptive and non prescriptive service
  • ‏Essentials: health and non health related essentials from beauty products to home essentials
  • ‏Specialised: specialised medications for a single purpose ailments or specific medical conditions.
  • ‏Vaccinations: on-site Vaccination services
  • Comprehensive medical advice (trough webchat or video) from a qualified pharmacists on issues with medication, where patient may have a new medicine which he/she would like to discuss with the pharmacist, or he/she is having trouble with some of regular medicines.

Regulated Pharmacy Partner for Online Pharmacy Platform

ph partnerPotential member partner pharmacies who will engage on the Pharmacy and Prescriptions side of the Platform will have the following licences and registrations:

  1. General Pharmaceutical Council registration (GPhC) as a UK pharmacy (premises registration)
  2. Superintendent Pharmacist GPhC registration
  3. GPhC Internet Pharmacy Logo
  4. MHRA  – EU Logo and website registration to sell: Prescription only medicines (POM), General sales list medicines (GSL), Pharmacy medicines (P).

Regulated Travel Clinic Partner 

Travel Clinic managing partner will need to have Travel Center Status from NaTHNaC. It can be a pharmacy or a clinic.

eMed has already secured an agreement with NaTHNaC Clinic to be a partner for this service.

*Online Doctor Service for Online Pharmacy Platform will be managed and operated by Dr Charlie Easmon through his CQC registered clinic, Your Excellent Health Service at Harley Street. CQC Certificate Number: 1-261114121.