Travel Health Clinic: Travel Health Advice, Information, Products and Services

eMed has developed a Travel Health Clinic Platform, which can be led by a pharmacy or a clinic with NaTHNaC approved Yellow Fever Certificate.  Currently, Travel Health Clinic is integrated into Online Pharmacy as a custom-build and automated module of the online pharmacy platform to provide travel health advise, information services and medicine for travel all around the world. The module features automated online services like online travel consultations, travel vaccinations assessment and booking, travel health information, including interactive map, special travel medication (P, POM and GSL) and travel health accessories.

In London YEHS ( Your Excellent Health Service) 1 , Harley Street, W1G 9QD is registered with & has been inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC): 1-349138322 and is a user of this platform.

Specially created online questionnaires enable professionals from Travel Health Clinic remotely assess patient’s suitability for a particular type of vaccine, required treatment’s course and other health treatments needed during or after his/her travel.

Platforms offers users to buy Vaccination(s) for their travel online and save time during scheduled appointment. To buy Vaccinations online patient will be required to complete the relevant assessment questionnaire so that travel clinic’s professionals can assess the suitability of the Vaccination(s) prior to patient’s appointment.

Travel Information service withing the Clinic provides comprehensive information on vaccination(s) and medication patient may require during his/her travels. If patient is unsure what Vaccinations are required for a trip, he/she will be advised to complete free Assessment Questionnaire provided by the platform.

Travel Health Clinic services are also available on a corporate level.  This means that employees have the benefit of the broad medical expertise of travel health specialists who can advise not only on the travel vaccinations and malaria medications provided, but also on other medical related issues. If there are more than 5 people travelling together, mobile travel clinic to visit employees’ workplace and bring its expertise to them is also available.

The advantage of Travel Health Clinic is that patients have access to all of travel medications and vaccinations in one place, together with advice and any travel sundries required for their trip.