The B2B Clinical Supplies Platform is built to suit a supplier model for medical specialists, clinics and hospitals. Using the same model eMed plans to develop an efficient online Wholesale and Export Portal, subject to partnership with a pharmacy who is registered with MHRA and has a wholesale licence.

The platform will cater to healthcare businesses offering a wide range of pharmaceuticals, surgical dressings and appliances.

As one of eMed’s conditions of engagement with a wholesale partner, all the pharmaceuticals supplied through the platform should be genuine UK branded stock sourced from reputable registered UK/EC based suppliers and manufacturers. The wholesale partner should also pride itself in the quality of the medicines that it supplies and be able to source medicines that are difficult to obtain.

In addition, the platform will host a sourcing service for export customers in countries based out of Europe who are looking for genuine, competitively priced generics, antibiotics and general medication that are in high demand in developing countries. The wholesale partner will take care to ensure that every export meets the high quality, long expiry dates and reputable brands.